What we do

With many years of experience in Product Development, we can assist you in the technical field of industrial design, cloud solutions, software, hardware, front end/ back end systems and app development. We are a group of Entrepreneurs with passion for Technology. We are an independent company that can provide strategic advice and with technical solutions we can quickly present you a working prototype. Sustainability and thinking in circular solutions are our priority. We’re also able to make roadmaps for product development or existing products that require a redesign.


Strategic advice on new product development, IoT solutions, service concepts, predictive maintenance, creating roadmaps

Cloud solutions

Analytics and Big data, Infrastructure, connectivity Services

Software development

Setting up software architecture and creating Smart Algorithms firmware, web development frontend/backend development,

Industrial design

Accelerate concept 3D designs, Fast prototyping by 3D printing. Solid Works, NX graphics,

App development

Development of native apps IoS/Android cross platform.

Hardware development

Creating component library, setting up schematics, floorpan and do routing. Redesign of electronics. Altium, Zuken, CR500, Expedition PCB


We offer Industrial and Home IoT Solutions based on Narrowband IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 3G, BLE, LoRa. Zigbee, wifi

Product realization

Bringing pilot projects towards production houses. Scale up product for B2B customers

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