You want to move forward with your company: take new steps, innovate and improve. You have plenty of ideas, but you are unable to take the next step. The process does not start and the issues of the day reign. Every day again.

Innovation is necessary in a constantly changing world. The market is changing quickly and you don't want to stay behind. You have the motivation to change. But how to start?

Innovation is a precondition for success and the right to exist

Beeliners makes that possible. And we answer questions such as:

  • Is there a market for my idea?
  • How do we convert an idea into a product?
  • And is that financially feasible?

From concept to prototype to business model

Together we start the innovation process and we create tangible and working prototypes that are close to the end product. After testing and fine-tuning you can quickly get started with the final product.

Working together for the best development of your idea

Beeliners consists of a team of experienced engineers who love nothing more than to convert problems into technological solutions. Everyone has their own knowledge, skills and expertise, so we complement each other well. We have everything in-house to realize your total product.

We do this in short sprints: no large business cases, but small experiments. We also work with short communication lines: you always have a fixed point of contact. And of course we love technology, but the best thing about us is looking for the best solution together. Technology is human work for us.

Product realization

Bringing pilot projects towards production houses. Scale up product for B2B customers

App development

Development of native apps IoS/Android cross platform.

Software development

Setting up software architecture and creating Smart Algorithms firmware, web development frontend/backend development,


Strategic advice on new product development, IoT solutions, service concepts, predictive maintenance, creating roadmaps

Cloud solutions

Analytics and Big data, Infrastructure, connectivity Services

Industrial design

Accelerate concept 3D designs, Fast prototyping by 3D printing. Solid Works, NX graphics,

Hardware development

Creating component library, setting up schematics, floorpan and do routing. Redesign of electronics. Altium, Zuken, CR500, Expedition PCB


We offer Industrial and Home IoT Solutions based on Narrowband IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 3G, BLE, LoRa. Zigbee, wifi

What can we do for you?

Beeliners supports you in the technical field of hardware and software development, design, industrial design, cloud solutions, web and app development and product realization. We also make roadmaps for product development or for existing products that require a redesign.

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