Hello Blooming Overijssel – powered by beeliners

Upcomming this Thursday, October 10th, Hello Blooming Overijssel – powered by beeliners! This is an event where students and companies come together. Students get the chance to take a look at technical companies at the High-Tech System park, GebouwN in Hengelo. Different speakers of big companies will take you into the world of IT & Technology, but there is more to do and experience! How about your own 3D printed face? Have you already admired Brekr’s most innovative electric motor? Or a unique tour at Thales and Opera?

We look forward to see you!

➤  When: 10 October 2019

➤  Where: Hightech Systems Park, GebouwN, Hengelo.

➤ More information: https://helloblooming.nl

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