Meet Ruud van Dommelen, software developer

I have been a software developer at Beeliners since July 1, 2021. There was plenty of work for another developer besides Bob. But I also do other things, such as 3D CAD drawing and other common activities. It is this variety that makes working at Beeliners so much fun.

From Brabant to Twente

Originally I am from Brabant. I did an MBO (post-secondary vocational education) mechanical engineering and Bachelor mechatronics. This is a combination of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and measurement and control technology; a broad field. With that diploma in my pocket, I started working for the food industry and I worked as a consultant at various companies. For example at TNO, where I worked on a project in the field of autonomous vehicles. Very interesting, but in the end my girlfriend and I decided to move east because of her work. And when the opportunity came to me at Beeliners, of course I grabbed it with both hands.

Every day is different at Beeliners

One day I’m working on a project in installation technology and the next day I’m embarking on an innovative trajectory for rowing machines. I have a wide range of interests and learn from my experienced colleagues every day.

Our customers can contact me for software development and robotics, but I can also contribute ideas about mechanical and electrical issues. With my broad knowledge and employability I keep a good view on the big picture. On my wish list is a project in which we will develop an IoT (Internet of Things) system or robot for the fire service, for example. That seems really cool (and useful).

Down-to-earth techies

Also the flexibility, short lines, the flat structure and the ability to switch quickly make my work fun. Beeliners has a club of down-to-earth techies who love nothing more than to come up with innovative things. They are proud of their work and they really radiate that energy and positivity.

Beeliners is also a very pleasant employer for me. They are still in the start-up phase, but they have their internal processes and arrangements very well on track. And that feels very good to me as an employee. I therefore hope to grow with Beeliners, because they have great plans for the future.

My own dream for the future? Keep innovating together and maybe I’ll grow into a technical team lead position. In Twente they say: “ kiek’n wat ‘t wot”  (We’ll see what it turns into) !

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