Corona Distance Device (Bee Alert)

Below you can read how the road to the end product BeeAlert went. Curious about the end result with the corresponding specifications?

Due to the  outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) , many companies are looking for solutions to get their organization up and running as efficiently as possible. Most companies have already made preperations  to apply the 1.5 meter guideline. However, there are still  uncertainties. Our expertise is quickly building prototypes and make  this ready for production. We want to use our skills to help companies with the 1.5 metersocial distancing.

Our goal is to provide companies a technical solution to enable their personnel to participate responsibly in the business process. The first step is to work out a technical concept. The idea is to use a device on, for example, a keycord. This device will signal when another device within 1.5 meters is and  send a trigger through vibration or light signals. Our device creates awareness among your employees.

Important requirements for the Corona Distance Device are:

  • Production ready at short notice
  • Low cost
  • Functional (both for office and production)
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable
  • And of course: Making people aware of the 1.5 meter guideline in their working environment.

We have already discussed our concept with a number of clients and the first reactions are very positive. These conversations show that many measures have already been taken, at the factories such as screens, routing and signaling and shifted services / working from home. Good measures, however people’s awareness and behavior remains a point of attention. You can think of:

  • Unpredictable situations (aisles, help a colleague by take a look at the computer screen or the meetings in the canteen).
  • Estimating distances remains difficult.
  • Addressing other people (if they are standing too close to you).
  • It is not desirable or workable to fill the entire office space with screens.

We are currently testing the product at customers. After testing, based on interest, we will start to deliver the first products as soon as possible.

If you are curious about the product and what it can mean for you, register now and we will keep you informed of current developments.

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