A low cost product to give households more information about their Energy and Water usage.

Smartmeter module

❖ Module to read out your Electricity and Gas usage
❖ Connect the module easily to your smart meter P1 port.
❖ Energy supplier independent.
❖ Due to a Wifi connection the module can be connected to a mobile device.
❖ Module works also if internetprovider is not available.
❖ Alerts can be given on mobile devices by using  If This Than That
❖ Creates IoT events on tariff change, excessive usage gas/electricity and night usage
❖ Data stays at end-user place (secure) no cloud storage.
❖ Data can be stored everyday in the SAM for 24 years.

Watermeter sensor

❖ Module to read out water usage in combination with smart meter module.
❖ Optional : Wireless device
❖ Module for water can also be used without smart meter module connection. (standalone)
❖ Connect the sensor easily to your conventional watermeter
❖ Due to a connection the watermeter sensor can be connected to a mobile device.
❖ Can create IoT event i.e. by excessive water usage.