Collaborate on your innovation

Product Realization

Product development often involves a product modification, improvement or innovation. You want to market this product in an existing market. To do this, you are going to convert market requirements into product specifications for buyers. Beeliners is the right partner to work with you to bring your product to market.

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Software Development

Together we look at your ideas and products. We will examine which software needs to be developed in order to make a contribution. Think of a mobile/web/desktop application, API backend and so on. Then we will develop your choice into an innovative product. This makes Beeliners the right partner to develop the software with you.

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Advice and Strategy

An innovative product brings with it many new opportunities and possibilities. When you want to develop a new product, you have to deal with a number of factors that can determine your success. Beeliners is happy to assist you with appropriate advice. We will work with you to get your product to market.

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Among others, we work with:

What our customers say

Enthusiastic about the knowledge and skills of Beeliners

I am enthusiastic about the knowledge and skills of Beeliners. On the basis of good interaction and open communication, we arrive at a new product. I am convinced that joint expertise, spirit and the will to innovate will make the difference.

Foto van Remco Bijkerk
Remco Bijkerk Executive Product Manager/Head of R&D – AFM Bakery systems B.V.
Beeliners provide refreshing insights

At Beeliners, they start with the strategy. Where do you want to go and from there, together with the customer, look for the appropriate product solutions. In any case, this provides refreshing insights.

Foto van Dennis de Zeeuw
Dennis de Zeeuw CEO – SuperB Lithium Power B.V.

From idea to working prototype

  1. Just start
  2. Make it tangible
  3. Create more ideas
  4. Ready for the next phase

Are you curious about what we can achieve together with you? Discover the possibilities of your idea!

  • Working with you
    We don’t work for you, but with you. This will keep you involved and in control of your idea.
  • Personal contact
    You have direct contact with the specialists working on your idea. Instant sparring with the right specialist.
  • Short lines and fast switching
    Adjustments to your idea? Because of the short lines, we can move quickly and apply them.
  • The IP remains yours
    The IP remains yours, but we are happy to help you arrange the paperwork.

More about innovation, prototyping and design

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  • What is two factor authentication

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A passionate team of experts

Wondering who you will work with on your idea? Meet our team of passionate experts.

The best employer in innovations

We are always looking for new colleagues. Do you already see yourself working with us? Take a look at our vacancies and apply immediately!