Product realization

Has your idea already proven itself and do you want to take it to further development? Do you want to scale up your proof-of-concept project for B2B customers? We can help you with the product realization of your idea.

Software development

Need software for your innovation? Whether it’s setting up software architecture or creating Smart Algorithms, firmware, web portals, API backends or other frontend/backend development, we can help you with the software development of your product or idea.

Hardware development

Hardware is the basis by which everything begins. All product development is ultimately about controlling or driving something physical. The engineers at Beeliners are aware of the possibilities and are happy to help you develop hardware that fits your product or idea. 

App development

Need an app developed? Do you have a great idea for an app but don’t know how to go about it? Beeliners is an expert in native app development. We will work with you to develop the app that fits your needs and wishes. 

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions are easily scalable and provide access to more complex tasks, resources and related services. The possibilities around developing cloud solutions are endless, and we can help you develop a custom cloud solution.



Is connectivity the basis of your innovative ideas? More and more devices are being connected to provide the best possible user experience. So a stable and secure network is increasingly important. We offer connectivity support for both industrial and home IoT solutions. 

Industrial design

Designing an industrial product is much more than just sketching out ideas. It is an entire process involving cooperation, technical knowledge, creativity, research and planning. Our engineers are happy to help you design your industrial product.

Strategy and advice

Do you have an innovative idea and want to develop it into a reality? Good preparation is essential. We have experience in developing ideas into working prototypes, almost ready for larger production. We are happy to assist you with strategy and advice around the product realization of your idea.

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