• green gas

    How will the production of green gas be encouraged?

    In an era when the world is paying increasing attention to renewable energy sources, green gas is a promising alternative that has the potential to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Green gas, also known as biomethane, is produced from organic material such as green waste, sewage sludge, or even manure. It offers a renewable

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  • bio-energy

    What is bio-energy?

    In an era when the urgency of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly prominent, bioenergy takes centre stage as a promising and environmentally friendly solution. This renewable form of energy, derived from biological sources such as plants, offers a range of possibilities for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and limiting the impact on the

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  • Light bulb in hands

    This will encourage the use of renewable energy

    In a world where the calls for sustainability and environmental awareness are getting louder, the use of renewable energy sources is central to the fight against climate change. While individual efforts by citizens and businesses play an important role, a crucial responsibility rests on governments worldwide to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. With the

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  • Solar energy from up air

    Using more renewable energy, 7 innovations

    The energy transition is in full swing. We are switching to renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to keep our planet livable. But how do we make this switch smoothly and efficiently? The key lies in innovation. In this blog, we discuss various innovations that make renewable energy easier to use. We look

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  • geothermal

    4 techniques to promote and exploit geothermal heat

    Natural resources play a crucial role in our ongoing search for renewable energy sources. One of the most promising and intriguing sources is geothermal energy, also known as geothermal energy. At a time when environmental pressures are increasing and demand for clean energy is growing, exploring and promoting geothermal energy is seen as a crucial

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  • Gas extraction pipes

    Gas extraction winding down in Groningen, the consequences

    Groningen earthquakes, gas extraction winding down, sustainable energy: terms that have been in the news frequently in recent years. Gas extraction in Groningen, for decades an indispensable part of the Dutch energy supply, symbolises a tipping point in our energy history. The social unrest surrounding the earthquakes in the earthquake area has led to an

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  • Cooking on gas

    10 ways to become less dependent on natural gas and oil

    In a world increasingly facing the impacts of climate change and natural resource depletion, reducing our dependence on natural gas and oil is an urgent and necessary step towards a more sustainable future. These fossil fuels have long been the backbone of our energy supply and transport, but their environmental impact and our dependence on

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  • nuclear power

    Nuclear power in the Netherlands

    Climate neutral by 2050, the government’s ambition. Many renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydrogen, should do their bit to achieve this. But nuclear energy can also make a major contribution to achieving this goal. Therefore, the Dutch government has committed to opening two new nuclear power plants and the current nuclear power

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  • How does solar energy work

    How does solar energy work?

    The accessibility of solar panels has skyrocketed in recent years. More and more households are choosing to have solar panels installed to save on their energy consumption. But how does solar energy actually work? The sun is an inexhaustible source of clean energy. With the help of a solar panel, we can convert sunlight into

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  • Wind park on sea

    The approach to offshore wind power

    According to climate agreements, by 2050 all energy used in the Netherlands must come from renewable sources. To achieve this, several approaches are possible. One of them is investing in wind energy, both onshore and offshore. How is the Dutch government tackling the growth of offshore wind energy? We look at the goals of wind

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  • Offshore wind power

    Offshore wind power, 4 reasons

    The vast waters of our oceans and seas are an inexhaustible source of energy that is encouraging us to change the way we generate our electricity. Thanks to the latest innovations and technologies, offshore wind power is possible. From impressive offshore wind farms to the innovative technologies. Offshore wind power offers many opportunities to make

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  • Wind power on land

    Why choose onshore wind power?

    Wind power is a form of energy that has accomplished many tasks over the years. Think of sailing ships and powering windmills. Today, wind energy is a promising and sustainable source of energy. More and more offshore wind farms are emerging. But we should not overlook the potential of onshore wind energy in the process.

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