• How does solar energy work

    How does solar energy work?

    The accessibility of solar panels has skyrocketed in recent years. More and more households are choosing to have solar panels installed to save on their energy consumption. But how does solar energy actually work? The sun is an inexhaustible source of clean energy. With the help of a solar panel, we can convert sunlight into

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  • Tips for staying warm in winter

    If you want to save as much gas as possible, you will choose to turn down your thermostat a little in winter. As a result, you might feel a bit colder than before. With some clever tricks, you can save gas without having to sit in your house shivering.  Did you know that there are

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  • heating up home

    Gas-free living: Heating your home

    Almost everyone is conscious about energy due to the current high prices. The next step is gas-free living. About 95% of homes use natural gas for heating the house, hot water and for cooking. So a lot will have to be done to live gas-free! What alternatives are there to heat your home? When you

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  • Gas-free housing

    Step by step to a gas-free home

    Despite the fact that the Netherlands does not want to be completely gas-free until 2050, many people are already saving on gas. Not only good for the environment, but also for the wallet. After all, the price of gas is a bit more expensive than the price of electricity. How do you make your house

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  • What is two factor authentication

    What is two factor authentication?

    Proper security of your applications and software is critical to prevent data breaches and breaches. Did you know that many people, as well as companies, conveniently choose to use the same password for everything? A risky choice, because a hacker has immediate access to all your accounts and devices. The solution? Using two-factor login (2FA).

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  • Secure wifi: Tips for securing smart devices

    Many households -as well as offices- now have one or more smart devices in their homes. Think, for example, of your RING doorbell, your Google Home speaker or your robot vacuum cleaner. But did you know that the security of these devices is not always accurate? An inadequately secured device in your home or office

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  • What is a cloud solution?

    With the advent of the Internet, the possibilities seem to have become endless. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. Many jobs are performed using the Internet. The Internet also makes working from home easier, among other things. The cloud plays a big role in this. But what exactly is a cloud solution? Many

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  • What is Internet of Things?

    You’ve probably seen the term Internet of Things (or IoT) come up before. You may have a rough idea of what the IoT means and/or entails, but did you know that IoT refers to all objects that are connected to the Internet? So also cars, home appliances and wearables. The amount of IoT applications is

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  • What is connectivity?

    In today’s world, being digitally connected is unimaginable. The use of computers, tablets and smartphones has made a data or WiFi connection an essential necessity of life. As we demand more and more from our connections, it is essential to have a stable, fast and secure network. The importance of connectivity becomes painfully clear the

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  • What is innovation?

    As an organization you want nothing more than to sell a product or service with which your target group is more than satisfied. But the rapid technological developments may well make your product or service obsolete sooner than you had envisaged. By innovating you ensure that your product or service grows with the market. But

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  • Why work with prototypes?

    Working with prototypes is not only common in professional design of (art) works. Often prototypes are also used to convey the user experience of a final product and to validate the concept. Ideal, then, when it comes to innovations. As Beeliners, we help companies to innovate. The way we do this is by building prototypes

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  • Making an innovation plan: This is how you make it concrete and tangible

    You’ve made your decision: it’s time to start improving a certain product or to think up something completely new. An innovation plan with a well thought-out strategy is an important starting point. In this blog we discuss the creation of an innovation plan. We also give you tips to make it concrete and tangible. Suppose

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