• Customer-centric innovation: how to do it

    ‘Customer-centric change is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration’. A quote that we think is absolutely right. Because how do you make sure that you, as a company, start innovating in a way that will make your customers happy? Customer-centric innovation, how do you go about it? For example: Harry is a product manager at a

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  • 5 tips to improve your innovation process

    Every company wants nothing more than to innovate quickly and smoothly. You want to make progress in your processes or upgrade your products with new technological gadgets. But innovating is not always that simple. But with a smooth innovation process you can go a long way. In this blog article, we talk a little about

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  • Why innovate just now?

    Changes in the marketplace are rapid and the shelf life of a product or service is getting shorter. Society has only become more ambiguous, volatile and complex due to the wide variety of interests, messaging and movements. The challenge for companies is to set the course in order to secure its own future. As a

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  • Kunststof spuitgieten

    Plastic injection molding, what is it and how does the injection process work?

    If you take a good look around you, you will see a lot of plastic products. Many of these products are made by injection molding. In fact, injection molding is one of the most widely used design techniques for plastic parts. When you design plastic injection molded products, as a designer you have much more

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  • 7 tips innoveren

    7 tips for innovating

    The world is constantly changing. As an organization, there is no choice but to adapt to this situation. Search for new solutions and therefore continue to innovate. The degree of adaptability will determine the success or failure of your organization. In doing so, innovation is certainly not just about technology. Perhaps a bit strange to

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  • 3d print technieken

    What 3D printing techniques are there?

    3D printing has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. This has also made 3D printing more accessible to both businesses and individuals. As a result, there are many 3D printing techniques to choose from. In this blog we will look at the different printing techniques and their possibilities. The different 3D printing techniques: Fused Deposition

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