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    How is the use of waste heat encouraged?

    The climate goals must be met no matter what. Reasons enough for the Dutch government to boost the use of renewable energy more. The same goes for the use of waste heat. The goal? A resilient and sustainable energy future for the Netherlands. In this blog, we look at the Dutch government and how they

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  • City by night, overview

    5 ways waste heat can be used

    In the ongoing search for renewable energy sources, waste heat is increasingly emerging as a valuable, albeit often untapped, resource in our efforts to create a greener future. Generated as a by-product of various industrial processes, this heat offers a wealth of opportunities for practical applications beyond traditional energy sources. In this blog, we take

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  • Pipes in Rotterdam

    What is waste heat and what can you do with it?

    At a time when sustainability and energy efficiency are key, it is important to make the best use of all available resources. A rapidly emerging source in the world of renewable energy is waste heat. But what exactly is waste heat and how can we harness it to make our society greener and more efficient?

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  • hydrogen fuelling

    5 ways the government is encouraging hydrogen use

    The climate requirements are clear: greenhouse gases must be reduced by 49% by 2030 and completely by 2050. This requires drastic changes to the energy system and the industrial and resource system. The use of hydrogen is one means of meeting the requirements. Hydrogen achieves a large number of functions in a CO2-free energy and

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  • Water on a leaf, close up

    What are the options for using hydrogen?

    The search for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions has drawn attention to hydrogen as a promising candidate for various applications. Hydrogen, the lightest and most abundant element in the universe, promises to play a key role in the transition to a more sustainable future. From clean fuel for vehicles to energy storage and industrial

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  • Earth lies in grass

    What approach is being taken to renew the energy-infrastructure?

    In pursuit of a sustainable and climate-friendly future, the Netherlands has signed an ambitious agreement that calls for a drastic change in energy infrastructure. The Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth, signed by a wide range of stakeholders, marks a concerted effort to promote renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, and accelerate the transition to natural gas-free

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  • Solar Panels

    6 goals the government wants to achieve with sustainable energy infrastructure

    In today’s rapidly evolving world, governments worldwide are seeking sustainable solutions to meet growing energy needs while reducing environmental impact. In the Netherlands, the government faces the challenge of building an ambitious, sustainable energy infrastructure that not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also paves the way to a future of renewable energy. In this blog,

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  • How is the government approaching sustainability in major projects?

    In a world increasingly aware of the urgency of climate change, the switch to renewable energy is an important factor in achieving a healthier planet. In the Netherlands, as in many other I countries, large-scale renewable energy projects are no longer seen as futures, but as essential pillars of a greener future. But how are

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  • Offshore wind farms

    6 reasons to implement major national energy projects + examples

    In an era when the world is facing the undeniable threat of climate change, the Netherlands has resolutely established itself as a pioneer in renewable energy. The Dutch government has embarked on a large-scale energy transformation leading the country towards a future of renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources. But what is driving this national

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  • Two hands holding a lightbulb with a tree in it

    What is ESG and what is its connection to sustainable energy?

    ESG factors affect a company’s risk profile and long-term performance. Generally, renewable energy is considered a positive factor within the ESG framework because of the significant environmental and social benefits it provides. But what exactly is ESG? And what is its connection to renewable energy? ESG is a regular item on the agenda for more

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  • Meet our colleague Jeroen Nijenhuis

    Meet our colleague Jeroen Nijenhuis. Working at Beeliners as business development manager since a few weeks. Since starting at Beeliners, Jeroen has felt right at home due to his background in embedded software engineering and the employees already familiar to him. Want to meet Jeroen in person? He is always up for a cup of

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  • 7 tips for organising an innovation workshop with your team

    An innovation workshop is an interactive session designed to help participants generate new ideas, come up with creative solutions and develop innovative processes. During an innovation workshop, participants can collaborate and brainstorm to discover new perspectives and solve existing problems. Innovation workshops can be organised for various purposes, such as developing new products, improving existing

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