Proper security of your applications and software is critical to prevent data breaches and breaches. Did you know that many people, as well as companies, conveniently choose to use the same password for everything? A risky choice, because a hacker has immediate access to all your accounts and devices. The solution? Using two-factor login (2FA).

By using a two factor login, you make it a whole lot harder for hackers to gain access to your accounts and devices. In this blog, we will dwell on two factor authentication and explain what it is.

  • The lack of standard authentication
  • What is two factor authentication?
  • The advantage of two factor authentication

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The lack of default authentication

The default way of logging into an application or certain software is on the basis of a username (or e-mail) and a password. This immediately introduces risks. Besides the fact that the same login credentials are often chosen for multiple applications and software, they are also rarely if ever updated over time.

Because the login credentials are hardly if ever updated, a hacker has ample time to retrieve these credentials. He can use several methods to do this:

  • Brute force. This is a method of “guessing” the correct password. The hacker foolishly enters all possible options in order to find out the correct password.
  • Phishing. Through a fake website, the hacker tries to get your login information. To do this, he has recreated existing software or applications.
  • Social engineering. By means of tricks, the hacker tries to retrieve login data. These play on human curiosity, arousing pity or scaring the user.
What is two factor authentication

What is two factor authentication?

By using two factor authentication, you choose a more secure way of logging in. To find out if the actual owner of the account wants to log in, two factors are used that together confirm your identity. This means that in addition to entering your username and password, you also need a second factor. This second factor can be designed in several ways:

  • A text message with a code sent to your smartphone.
  • A fingerprint.
  • A notification you have to accept on your smartphone.
  • Facial recognition.
  • Through an authenticator app.

The benefit of two factor authentication

Using two factor authentication greatly increases the security of your applications and software. The hacker needs more information than just your password and username. In addition, the hacker has much less time to guess the second factor. Many of these factors change constantly or are only valid for a limited period of time.

Of course, it may happen that the hacker has access to your second factor, for example, if he stole your smartphone. However, because the lack of a smartphone is more quickly noticed, you will take quicker action to prevent intrusion into your files. As a result, the hacker still has limited time to figure out the second factor.

Another advantage of 2FA is that the password no longer needs to be constantly changed to keep security sharp. Of course, this should not be taken too lightly. A simple password is still insufficient and changing the password on a regular basis provides additional security for your applications and software.

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