Beeliners joins Dutch Innovation Days

Dutch Innovation Days

The first edition of the Dutch Innovation Days is coming! This will take place from May 26 to May 30 in Enschede.

Five days of innovation, inspiration and interaction for lovers of technology, gadgets, design, art, film, games, music and creativity.

Insights are given about the emergence of innovations? how do innovations really come about? Why do brilliant ideas fail? Which iconic inventors does the Netherlands actually have? And what new innovations will you be using at home in the future?

Beeliners will also participate in this event. Our Colleague Henk Kalk will share his experiences and insights. Henk has already won many innovation awards and can therefore share stories from a wide portfolio of experience.

This is what the event is also about.

  • Celebrate innovators
  • Challenge creatives
  • Connect with pioneers

You will discover it during the Dutch Innovation Days!

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Dutch Innovation Days
From May 26 to May 30 there are the Dutch Innovation Days in Enschede. Beeliners will then give a master class. More info here.

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