My name is Dennis Wissink and learning and developing is fully applicable to me. As an entrepreneur I love to develop new concepts and let them grow. In addition, the contacts with colleagues, clients and partners give me a lot of energy and especially new insights.

The foundation has been laid with a bachelor Industrial Engineering. Then started the career within the technical secondment and here I further developed into an entrepreneur and director of an internationally operating technical secondment. I have always enjoyed taking the strategic course of the company Xelvin. People are central to me. Together we have ensured many satisfied clients and employees. This has led to many new offices, concepts and companies. Strategic and analytical insight combined with empathy and down-to-earth positivity have often led to great solutions.

I see the step to Beeliners as a wonderful challenge. It is familiar territory for me because I have been involved in this start-up from the start and I am a co-owner. Also exciting because I am an outsider in the technical team. My addition is mainly the further development of the commercial and strategic side of Beeliners. Thinking differently is often the basis of innovation… so that will be all right.