Henk Kalk

I like to introduce myself as a passionate driven, humorous person, with deep love for electronics.

Worked after my education at several places, but 7 years Philips was main stream. After that I went to a small boiler company in Deventer Nefit, where I stayed for 25 years. In this time it was taken over by Bosch. I learned the advantages of a small company, but also of a big company. My biggest achievement was the development of a top of the bill sexy thermostat with app control.  For that I was nominated as inventor of the year 2016 at the Bosch research building in Renningen. But did also work on remote service with connected boilers, algorithms development to save costs for installer and end user. I left the Bosch company in 2018 to be part of the challenge of a startup of beeliners. The company to be for innovation.


At this moment I  am working on a energy management system for home use for electricity,  gas and water with graphical user interface for energy savings. Also found out a way to re-use over production of solar energy and get it back in the house in form of heating.
My specialties are several, but the most important ones hardware development, software development, product development and model design.

I also like to give advice to development teams and companies to improve the quality of their products/lead time of development.