Sebastiaan Moes

My name is Sebastiaan Moes and I studied Biomedical Sciences at Saxion, followed by a Bachelor degree in Industrial Product Development (IPO).

I graduated at Nefit/Bosch Thermotechniek and then worked there for 13.5 years as a Concept Design Engineer on all kinds of new appliance projects. Both on the design, but also on concept development, prototype construction and technical development of the boiler parts. Thereafter I made the switch to Saxion university as Technical Coordinator at the FabLab Enschede. There I worked on many different customer assignments, taught prototyping and was responsible as operator of the 3D metal printer within the 3D metal printing project. At Nefit I have always worked a lot with 3D printing, but during my time at Saxion I made it a specialism.

Now after 6,5 years of Saxion FabLab Enschede, I have decided to continue to grow together with the Beeliners team and to develop beautiful and smart solutions for customers.