Discover a completely new, unique and revolutionary full-body strength and cardio training machine for bidirectional and unidirectional training. In bidirectional movement, both active and supporting muscle groups are trained simultaneously.

Unlimited training possibilities

Fully adjustable for work across all muscle pairs. Using a flywheel resistance allows both low and explosive starting speeds. The Antagonist responds immediately to applied force during training to vary intensity instantly.

Unlimited individual and interchangeable training options for all motor functions, e.g. handles, bars, leg loops, vests, benches, boxes, balance plates, wheelchair and so on. Multidirectional cables allow you to move bidirectionally and unidirectionally in any direction.

The flywheel resistance reduces shock loads, thus relieving stress on joints. Air resistance levels allow you to build strength at your own pace. User-initiated, responsive bidirectionality warms, loosens, increases heart rate, burns calories and builds muscle quickly and effectively – get ready to sweat and feel great!

Our contribution

We contribute to the development of the sensors and electronics of this revolutionary training device. We are also constantly adding new functions to get all the data to the monitoring systems.