SAM is an energy management system that, in addition to recording electricity, gas and water consumption, also has the ability to control appliances independently.

Smartmeter module

  • Module for reading gas and electricity consumption
  • Easily connect the module to the P1 port of the smart meter.
  • Energy supplier independent.
  • Connect via Wifi connection to a mobile device.
  • Module also works without internet access.
  • Alerts can be sent via  
  • Creates IoT events on tariff change, excess gas/electricity and night consumption.
  • Data remains local (no Cloud).
  • Data can be stored for 24 years.

Water meter sensor

  • Module for reading water consumption in combination with smartmeter module.
  • Optional: wireless device.
  • Module can also be used separately (without smartmeter module).
  • Simply connect the sensor to conventional water meter.
  • Connection allows the water meter to be connected to a mobile device.
  • Creates IoT event in case of excessive water consumption.