Many organisations like to come up with something new in the market. Whether it is an improved product or something completely new, consumers expect companies to continuously keep up with the latest technologies. Are you not meeting this expectation? Then chances are your consumer will switch to your competitor.

By extending your existing products with new features or by bringing completely new products to the market, you make sure your consumer is satisfied and stays that way. But where should you start? Do you just start with something new? Or is there still potential in your current product? When innovating, you can choose between improving and renewing. But what is the difference?

Do you want to innovate and have your idea developed in collaboration with Beeliners? We would love to help you! Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

What is improving?

When improving a product, you start from your existing products. You look for opportunities to add new features to your existing product. It may also be that an existing feature does not work sufficiently well. In that case, you can choose to optimise existing functions. That too falls under improving your product.

Improvement processes can have a big impact on the way you work, so it is important to involve your stakeholders in this process.

What is innovating?

Do you choose to innovate? Then you completely abandon your existing products and start from scratch. You set to work designing a completely new product. The aim of this is to break free from the existing situation and thus exploit new possibilities.

Innovating is about creating a completely new situation. You tread unknown paths in search of a new product or service. Innovating involves being able to resolve complexity and uncertainty. It requires an intuitive approach, because you don’t yet have data on which to base your decisions.

Working on your innovation together with Beeliners

Do you have a good idea for a product, service, process or technological innovation? And would you like to develop your idea in collaboration with Beeliners? We would love to help you! Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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