The vast waters of our oceans and seas are an inexhaustible source of energy that is encouraging us to change the way we generate our electricity. Thanks to the latest innovations and technologies, offshore wind power is possible.

From impressive offshore wind farms to the innovative technologies. Offshore wind power offers many opportunities to make great strides in switching to renewable energy sources. In this blog, we look at the possibilities of wind power and the reasons to choose it.

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Inexhaustible energy source

Wind is an inexhaustible source of energy that is available day and night, all year round. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and deplete the planet, wind keeps blowing constantly. By choosing wind power, we are investing in a reliable energy source that increases the stability of energy supply and reduces dependence on scarce resources.

Offshore wind power

Relatively shallow water depth

Blessed with extensive coastlines and shallow waters, the Netherlands is in a privileged position when it comes to harnessing offshore wind energy. The relatively shallow water depth along the Dutch coast makes it possible to install wind turbines in locations that are not only technologically feasible, but also cost-effective.

These shallow waters provide ideal terrain for installing offshore wind farms, where the foundations of the wind turbines can rest firmly on the seabed. The combination of Dutch expertise in hydraulic engineering and favourable marine conditions has placed the country at the forefront of global offshore wind energy development. This unique geographical feature enables the Netherlands to benefit from the power of the wind in a sustainable manner, with the shallow waters acting as a fertile breeding ground for the growth of offshore wind energy projects.

Favourable wind climate

The Netherlands is known for its favourable wind climate, which makes it an ideal location for the application of wind energy. The constant and often powerful sea winds, combined with the country’s flat topography, create optimal conditions for the efficient operation of wind turbines. The extensive coastline and open landscape provide unobstructed paths for the wind, allowing turbines to generate a consistent flow of renewable energy.

Favourable wind conditions in the Netherlands have led to the development of advanced wind energy projects, both onshore and offshore. This natural resource is seen not only as a renewable energy source, but also as a strategic asset that enables the country to increase its energy independence and play a leading role in the global transition to green energy. The Dutch wind climate thus offers not only a renewable energy source, but also a sustainable perspective for the future of energy supply.

Good ports and (industrial) energy consumers

The presence of well-developed ports and industrial energy consumers near Dutch coastal waters forms a synergistic partnership with offshore wind energy. The strategic location of these ports provides an excellent logistics infrastructure for the construction, installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Moreover, these nearby industrial centres, ranging from chemical and petrochemical plants to manufacturing companies, expose themselves to a sustainable energy system by using the wind energy generated. The abundant renewable energy resources off the coast not only provide a green power supply for these industries, but also contribute to reducing overall CO2 emissions in the region. This symbiotic interplay between offshore wind energy and nearby energy-intensive industries not only reinforces the sustainability goals of both sectors, but also positions the Netherlands as a forerunner in creating a resilient and low-carbon energy system.

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