About us

Why we are real Beeliners

Did you know that a bee always instinctively takes the shortest route to the hive?

We do that too: we get to the point quickly and we like efficient and simple solutions. We take the shortest and best route to success. We do this on the basis of models, structures and knowledge, but also with intuition and feeling.

We are down to earth and averse to bells and whistles. We mainly look at existing and proven technologies, because we are not going to reinvent the wheel. But we do make sure that our wheels are just that little bit more efficient, more advanced and better. That is why we do not rule out experimental paths with new technologies. But we don’t lose ourselves in that: we always investigate the bottleneck first, to avoid wasting time and money.

Our vision

It always starts with ideas. We acquire this from our customers and their target group. The trick is to translate those ideas into practical concepts, which we ultimately shape into a product that the market demands. And we understand that art.

We go through the process from idea to product quickly and efficiently. We do this by using the available technology to feed new products, which we can eventually “harvest”. Compare it to a fruit tree that needs good nutrition, in the sense of water, fertilization and sufficient light. If you provide good nutrition, you will reap the benefits later.

Where we stand for?

It’s about your Idea
We help you convert your idea into a tangible and successful product. You remain the owner of the idea.

We continue to amaze
We raise the bar a little higher every day. Creativity is a must for innovation and remaining realistic is a condition. With that in mind, we go a step further with every project than you expect from us.

Certainty above all else
Every process starts with uncertainties. We will get rid of them as soon as possible. That is why we are going to identify, investigate, validate and eliminate them together. That way you always know where you stand.

We want to know what your problem is and what you encounter. We get the answers through open and personal conversations, forgetting about processes and structures for a while. We want to be close to you and understand you. Only then will we come to the best solution together.