Projects & References


Hydrogen Flame Control Unit
Covid Handwash Timer
Smart awareness manager
Snowplough Gateway/sensor
BeeAlert (1,5 meter distance control)
Sport solutions
Gateway for battery monitoring
IoT Flange
Development Bee in charge app
IoT Brick Sensor


What customers say

Amazed at the speed and good quality of the prototype. It is not often that the electronics are ready before the mechanical part”

Jan Lammers (CEO Rp3 Rowing B.V.)

“I am enthusiastic about the knowledge and skills of Beeliners. We came to a new product on the basis of good interaction and open communication. I am convinced that joint expertise, spirit and the will to innovate will make the difference.”

Remco Bijkerk (Executive Product Manager / Head of R&D AMF Bakery systems B.V. )

“Super-fast delivery of a prototype by Beeliners. Delivering within the deadline and specification within an innovation process actually never happens”

Frans Vromans (Managing Director Kinetron B.V.)

“At Beeliners they start with the strategy. Where do you want to go and from here, together with the customer, look for the appropriate product solutions. In any case, this provides refreshing insights.”

Dennis de Zeeuw (CEO SuperB Lithium Power B.V.)