There are already many reasons to want to save on gas. Think cost savings and the environment. But with the right subsidies and financing, it becomes even more attractive. But what subsidies and schemes are actually available when it comes to saving gas?

With the right tools, you can save a lot of energy, and therefore gas. Think, for instance, of properly insulating your home, installing solar panels or a new high-efficiency boiler. The purchase cost of many of these aids can add up quickly. The right subsidies and financing make it interesting to switch though.

In this article, we look at the various subsidies. We have sorted them according to national, provincial and municipal subsidies.

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Subsidies and grants

  1. Did you know there is a national grant available for insulating your home? You can use this to insulate your roof, exterior walls, windows and floor. The subsidy is a fixed amount per square metre.
    Do you take two or more insulation measures at the same time? Or do you combine an insulation measure with a heat pump or solar boiler, for example? Then you can get up to 30% of your expenses back. Do you opt for a single insulation measure? Then the amount is considerably lower. This subsidy is also available for VvEs.
  2. There are various national subsidies you can use to buy solar boilers, heat pumps or a connection to the heat network.
  3. Are you having your house insulated? Thanks to a government scheme, you only have to pay 9% VAT on the labour of the workers hired.
  4. Several municipalities and provinces have made subsidies available themselves from local pots. On Energiesubsidiewijzer you can easily see what subsidies are available in your municipality and province.
  5. Having solar panels installed has extra benefits besides saving on your energy costs. You can reclaim VAT from the tax authorities. This directly saves you 21% of the cost.
  6. Do you have insufficient savings, or do you not want to spend your savings on sustainability? Even then there are grants available. For instance, there is an energy savings loan where you can borrow money on favourable conditions to pay for the appliances. It is also sometimes possible to get extra mortgage space for energy-saving measures.

Insulating your home

As mentioned earlier, there are several subsidies for insulating your home. With the right subsidies, you can save up to 30% on costs.

The subsidies for insulation can be divided into high and low subsidies. For the high amount, you have to carry out at least two insulation measures (or have them carried out) within a year. Think for instance of your cavity walls and floor insulation. It is also possible to combine an insulation measure with the purchase of, for instance, a heat pump. Do you take a single measure? Then you fall under the low subsidy amount and get up to 15% of the costs reimbursed.

Solar boiler, heat pump and heat network

Do you have an existing house and want to buy a solar boiler or heat pump? Or do you want a connection to the heat network? Then there are interesting subsidies available.

You will already receive one of these subsidies if this is the only measure you take. So you do not have to combine the purchase of one of these items with an insulation measure.


Thanks to a government measure, VAT on insulation labour is only 9%. However, there are some conditions attached to this:

  • The low VAT rate only applies to the installation of insulation. A regular VAT rate of 21% applies to other work around this (e.g. demolition work).
  • The regular VAT rate of 21% also applies to the purchase of materials.
  • You only benefit from the low VAT rate if your home is at least two years old, or the building has been used as a home for at least two years.
  • The adjusted VAT rate does not apply to the installation of window frames.

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