Beeliners developed the IoT Highway

In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) there is a lot of movement. Many companies have the desire to link their machines and devices to the internet. But why do companies really want that?

In general there are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Competitive advantage. If you can sell a device that has a link to the Internet, it will increase your distinctiveness compared to the competition. After all, a customer can do more with a device that is internet connected, such as remote control or linking with other devices.
  2. Maintenance. To give customers a better experience with a product, remote maintenance can offer a solution. In this way you can assess the status of a device remotely and act accordingly. Pre-ordering parts or sending updates to the device without having physically move to the device. This belongs to the possibilities.
  3. Insight. Data provides an insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of a product. That insight information can be used again to adjust where necessary. This gives data insight information when new coffee beans have to be ordered or when the sprayer has to be switched on again.

Many companies have the ambition to do something with IoT, but this is often experienced as a big step. Here you have to make an important choice: make it yourself or have it made. Making it yourself is a good option for companies that have this specific expertise and have it available. If you are a company that still needs to build up this expertise, you are quick in spending a lot of money (few tons of Euro’s) to build a team. Not mentioning the licenses and infrastructure you need to implement for these projects.

Outsource building of an IoT solution is a good alternative. The picture, however, is that these are long routes requiring a high investment. This is also true in the traditional way of working.

For this the Beeliners found a workaround. They have the ambition, to create a more accessible alternative.

To help companies to meet their IoT / connectivity needs, Beeliners have developed the IoT Highway. This is a platform whereby you have real-time results from measurements anywhere in the world and can send remote information to the device.

Whether you talk about weight, temperature, quantity, the base remains the same. With the IoT Highway the infrastructure is present, the type of data (temperature, CO2, weight, humidity, etc.) you want to send is up to you.

But what does the IoT highway consist of? Globally, this means the following:

  • Hardware. Measures the data.
  • Backend. Where the data is stored.
  • Frontend. Where the data is displayed visually.

Every IoT solution has the above basic structure. Beeliners currently carries out these projects for various clients. This allows us to standardize, which means that we can help our customers better and faster.

A piece of technology of course is beautiful, but what can you do with it? The infrastructure enables companies to complete the proof of concept within a week, something that is not possible with the current way of working. In other words, you can quickly validate whether it is what you expected, or what you did that you thought it would. Shorter time also means a lower investment. This lowers the threshold to step into the world of IoT.

If you want to know more about specific techniques that are used, please contact Beeliners. One of our consultants can tell you more about the possibilities and impossibilities of this platform during a personal conversation.

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