• prototype soorten

    Various types of prototypes, 3 categories

    When you want to develop your idea into a physical product, it is important to create a prototype to discover what your strengths and pitfalls are. There are many types of prototypes to choose from. Discover the different types of prototypes in this blog. Prototypes come in many different shapes and sizes. You can elaborate

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  • Prototype ready, where to go from here?

    The time has come! Your prototype is ready. You have developed all your ideas into a physical copy. Now it is time to take the next steps. How will you market your prototype? And what needs to happen first? Once your prototype is ready, your product is not yet ready for the market. There are

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  • Making a prototype

    How do you make a prototype? 3 ways

    To check whether your idea is really as good as you think it is, it is good to make a prototype of it. Making a prototype does not have to be so difficult or cost a lot of money or time. In this blog article, you will read about three quick and cheaper ways to

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  • What is the difference between improving and innovating?

    Many organisations like to come up with something new in the market. Whether it is an improved product or something completely new, consumers expect companies to continuously keep up with the latest technologies. Are you not meeting this expectation? Then chances are your consumer will switch to your competitor. By extending your existing products with

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  • How to innovate

    How do you become innovative? Create a creative mindset

    Your company wants to enter the market with new ideas. Expand the existing product or come up with something completely new. But what if ideas just don’t come? What if both you and your colleagues get stuck? So how do you make sure you still come up with something new? How do you become innovative?

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  • What is a prototype?

    What is a prototype?

    You have a great idea for renewal or innovation within your company. How do you make sure your idea becomes reality? A prototype will give you a good idea of how your idea will develop. But what is a prototype? When developing new ideas, a prototype is often used. In this blog, we will explain

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  • Sustainability: Subsidies and funding

    There are already many reasons to want to save on gas. Think cost savings and the environment. But with the right subsidies and financing, it becomes even more attractive. But what subsidies and schemes are actually available when it comes to saving gas? With the right tools, you can save a lot of energy, and

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  • Save gas tips

    9 tools to help you save gas

    Of course, saving gas is very easy by turning off (or turning down) the heating or switching to electric cooking. But not everyone is eager to spend whole days in the cold. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools on the market that will help you save gas without having to go cold straight away.

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  • Tips for staying warm in winter

    If you want to save as much gas as possible, you will choose to turn down your thermostat a little in winter. As a result, you might feel a bit colder than before. With some clever tricks, you can save gas without having to sit in your house shivering.  Did you know that there are

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  • heating up home

    Gas-free living: Heating your home

    Almost everyone is conscious about energy due to the current high prices. The next step is gas-free living. About 95% of homes use natural gas for heating the house, hot water and for cooking. So a lot will have to be done to live gas-free! What alternatives are there to heat your home? When you

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  • Gas-free housing

    Step by step to a gas-free home

    Despite the fact that the Netherlands does not want to be completely gas-free until 2050, many people are already saving on gas. Not only good for the environment, but also for the wallet. After all, the price of gas is a bit more expensive than the price of electricity. How do you make your house

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  • What is two factor authentication

    What is two factor authentication?

    Proper security of your applications and software is critical to prevent data breaches and breaches. Did you know that many people, as well as companies, conveniently choose to use the same password for everything? A risky choice, because a hacker has immediate access to all your accounts and devices. The solution? Using two-factor login (2FA).

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